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Amazon Launches Home Service Providers

Consumers will now have an opportunity to find services on Amazon! What?! Yep, they are rolling out their Home Services side and offering services like plumbing, oil changing, wall mounting, etc… read the story below!

“Amazon started out as an online bookstore, but has since expanded into selling almost any physical goods you can think of. But the company believes a lot of the stuff people buy on Amazon are things they could actually use help assembling, installing, or learning to enjoy. “We have 85 million Amazon customers who have shopped for products this past year that often require a service afterwards,” said Peter Faricy, Vice President for Amazon Marketplace. “Things like TVs, toilets, and sinks.” Today, the company is launching a new section in the US, Home Services, where customers can shop for professional help. It’s launching with 700 different services, from the ordinary to the esoteric, everything from installing a garbage disposal to finding your goat a good place to graze.” More Here..

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