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Keys To Sell Your Home – Top Dollar Home Selling

Its no secret that home sellers want to sell their home for the most money that they can. However, there is one item that will halt the sale right in its tracks, regardless if you have the most beautiful home or not. That item is – the price!

Carolina Forest Home
Carolina Forest Home

Pricing your home the right way to begin with is key to get top dollar for your home. The art of listing your home on the market can be a fine line. You can list your home too low, which will result in a quick sale but getting less money for your home, or you could price it too high thus having your home sit on the market for days on end.

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When first listing your home, if you over price it in the beginning, you are missing out on all the potential buyers that see your home within the first few days of it being on the market. After a couple months, then you will need to reduce the price over and over again, allowing the buyers to think something is wrong with the home since it has been listed for so long. This is an easy way to loose potential buyers.

A huge percentage of home buyers start their search online before venturing out to look in person. Did you know that the first two things a home buyer online looks at is the first picture of the home, then the price. If the picture looks good, but the price doesn’t, that home buyer moves on. Its as simple as that.

Truthfully, when it comes to listing your home, placing it on the market at a price you want to get or need to get is wrong! What does matter in pricing your home, is what a potential buyer is willing to pay. That is it. When you price your home over what other homes are selling for in the area, all you are doing is making their home look more appealing and a better value. The guidance of a high-quality real estate agent can help homebuyers land on the most strategic price and get a home sold for top dollar.

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