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    Homes for Rent Holly Ridge NC

    Searching homes for rent in Holly Ridge is a great way to enjoy the lifestyle without making a long-term commitment. 
    Holly Ridge is very close to the beach and located near Camp Lejeune. Holly Ridge boasts ample shopping and dining options and is home to the annual Holly Festival, which is fun for the family and has food, fun and entertainment! Holly Ridge is a popular area because it’s close to the beach, Camp Lejeune, Jacksonville and Wilmington

    Advantages of Renting

    The Jacksonville metropolitan area, including Holly Ridge, has a young and versatile population. Many residents are stationed at the local marine and naval bases for only a couple years before being re-stationed elsewhere. If you own a house, this is disadvantageous, because selling a house may take time and you might be forced to do it during an economic downturn.

    Other reasons to rent:

    1. Renting is momentarily cheaper – During the economic downturn, lots of us are financially struggling. Renting, typically, is cheaper than a monthly mortgage on a brand new house.

    2. No risks – Selling a house during a bad economic time could mean loss for you. If you’re renting, you can pack up your things and leave anytime.

    3. If your career requires flexibility – Sometimes, like those who work on the army bases, people have to move frequently. They need a property that is flexible and where they can move easily. If you own a house, you might not be able to do that.

    4. No maintenance – With owning a house comes the responsibility of taking care of it. If a pipe bursts or your basement floods, you have to pay for it. But if you’re renting, one call to the landlord can fix that.

    5. No taxes for renting – There’s no property tax for those who rent a house, and your renter’s insurance will be much cheaper than home owner’s insurance.

    Holly Ridge Real Estate Information: 

    Holly Ridge NC Schools: 
    • Holly Ridge is part of the Onslow School district. 
    • Holly Ridge Elementary School 
    • Holly Ridge High School 
    • Nearby Private Schools close to Jacksonville University of North Carolina Wilmington – UNCW Dixon Elementary School 
    • Dixon Middle School 
    • Dixon High School
    Homes for Rent Holly Ridge NC