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    About Camp Lejeune, NC

    Renting a house in Camp Lejeune is a wonderful way to enjoy the lifestyle without making a long-term commitment. 

    As a base for the II Marine Expeditionary Force, 2nd Marine Division, and 2nd Marine Logistics Group, Camp Lejeune has some of the best living standards in the Jacksonville area. The area is surrounded by beaches and outdoor parks, where residents can participate in local recreational activities such as kayaking down New River to playing a round of golf on the local course. It is also has the reward of being near Jacksonville and Swansboro, where residents can enjoy all the luxurious shopping and dining the area holds.

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    Advantages of Renting a House in Camp Lejeune

    Many residents in Camp Lejeune live a flexible and versatile lifestyle. Soldiers and families are stationed for years at a time and then have to move to another area or base. This is why renting is advantageous. It allows you to pack up things and move quickly, without having to handle the long process of selling your house (especially during economic downturns).

    Beneficial Reasons to Rent:

    1. Renting is momentarily cheaper – During the economic downturn, lots of us are financially struggling. Renting, typically, is cheaper than a monthly mortgage on a brand new house.

    2. No Risks – Selling a house during a bad economic time could result in a loss of profit. If you’re renting you can pack up your things and leave anytime.

    3. If you career requires flexibility – People who have to move frequently need a property that is flexible, like their lifestyle. Renting allows you to move quickly and easily, while owning a house delays the process.

    4. No maintenance – Owning a house means you’re responsible for it. If a pipe bursts or your basement floods, you have to fix it. But if you’re renting, one call to the landlord will solve all those problems.

    5. No taxes for renting – There’s no property tax for those who rent a house, and your renter’s insurance will be much cheaper than home owner’s insurance.

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